Saturday, 15 August 2009

Advice on buying a hand made steel bike

Having a delay on my bike from two or maximum three months to now over 4 months, set me thinking about the past and what I should have done.

Ask for feedback from friends who have bought from the shop.
Does any one recommend where you are looking.
Search the forums for the shop name. Try to take a balanced view. There are some customers that can never be pleased.
If you have a trip organised or date you want the bike for. Mention this on the reciept to be part of building the bike. That the bike is supplied before the date. As if it is missed it could be a big disappointment such as mine.
If any parts are added ask for a breakdown of the prices before you go ahead. Depending on the dealers they could charge you full price for a part and add labour to fit.
Make sure you keep all notes about your discussion. The parts you asked for. The design and looks that are important to you. I keep a diary.
At the end of the sale are you happy with the bike? Hopefully you will be smilling from ear to ear if the shop listens to you. There is none better than a customer that wants to show off and talk about good customer care with having a hand built bike. It has to be one of the best selling tools. A happy customer from good customer service.

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