Sunday, 26 April 2009

columbus steel frames what does it mean

As with most products there are reasons for its development. I did not understand the history behind columbus steel until finding this site. Also how gilco fits in the picture. There are a lot of famous manufacturers that are involved from Ferrari to Moto Guzzi....

Monday, 20 April 2009

Simoncini Factory visit

Orlando holding one of his frames
The factory floor

Above are the pictures of my visit to Simoncini to see where my steel frame road bike is made in the heart of Tuscany, Italy. Orlando Simoncini is still making frames by hand and took the details of my frame, colors which will match my bike, parts to be chromed. He showed me his workshop and you can still see that his father who started the frame building tradition has his method still intact. Orlando was very helpful and showed me his bikes which he still uses.
The factory was found in a industrial area of Italy but is surrounded by grape vines. The factory was set back and was full of frames, bikes, pictures of famous riders that had owned his bikes.
Still made in a traditional way.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

steel road bike frame designed by Italians

I searched online for steel frame bikes and found that in the UK there is only one dealer for Simoncini frames made in Italy. Having looked at the website
you can see the design detail is with Gilco. They have some very unusual designs and also helped colnago. At one time simoncini made steel frames for colnago under licence. As the previous picture I have included the original which I intend to base on my own bike.
the site is in Italian and English
The colours red I will base on my Ducati 916 and have chrome as the other colour. Components I will try to keep Italian and campagnolo used where ever possible.
I popped in to see Edward at
He was brilliant in helping me to size up my frame on the bike and with adding components. As i sat on the bike, visually he was quick to point out my size bars needed. With a tape measure he was able to size the frame. For me the frame has to fit as when you are on the bike for a long time the last thing you need is to be uncomfortable on the bike. He helped me to choose design and components for the bike. If you visit or call Edward I am sure you will be impressed by his knowledge and skills in cycles.

Friday, 3 April 2009

steel frame Colnago PR07 or Simoncini road bike

This frame started me on the journey to find a steel frame. Looking at the frame is one of the main items other than wheels on a road bike. I believe in the look of the bike as much as the ride quality. Also there is mixed feelings from me in that I could have tried to source an older bike but I want the reliability and speed of new components rather than my memories of gears that would change on a whim rather than telling it when to...The Simoncini frame that I am buying did build frames under license for Colnago at one time.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Simoncini steel road bike

I have placed an order on a Simoncini steel road bike after looking round for a long time. I hope to add some pictures soon and add links. If you know of some information or links that will help then please send them to me.
Thanks Vincenzo