Thursday, 7 May 2009

Battery powered bike Gruberassist

My bike is still in Italy being made. Seems to take ages as I am keen to get on my bike. I have bought a pair of cycling shoes, the specialized elite road. I choose these shoes on the fit and that they have a instep which was very comfortable and a buckle. I wanted to buy sidi as i have sidi motorcycle shoes which i can highly recommend but due to the soles when fitted seemed to be so slim, I looked for others. On searching the internet you can get two sizes and if you go for the Mega size in sidi this will accomodate a wider foot. For me now with this info maybe it will help for a second set of shoes later on.
On searching the net I found this new site which mentioned a new battery powered bike that you will have to look very carefully to find the workings. The main part fits in the seat post and you can adapt a normal bike to fit although it needs a specific bike crank.