Wednesday, 9 June 2010

The history of Campagnolo

found a interesting site detailing the history of campagnolo and how he started with the parts that were introduced.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Road bike accident and clothing torn

It took me two years to commit buying a bike and after all the work involved the hardest part for me was falling off. Looking back though as I did not break any bones only my pride was dented. The bike damage is minimal and I have a few scrapes which are healing up. Below you can see the clothing and holes in the garment. Also the scrapes on the bike.
I was traveling around 20mph and if you can see my map 9 First scrape on google. On map 9 you will see on Layham road a zig zag where I fell. As I approached the corner I knew it was slightly faster than I should have been going for the conditions and as the corner is sharp. It could have been diesel on the floor or as trees overhang the dew from the branches. I braked and the front wheel slid away as my shoulder hit the ground taking most of the impact as I slid some yards down the road. The bike rear gear changer has scrap marks covering the screw heads and my shoes, front break lever and saddle have scrape marks. All parts which can be replaced easily. As this is the first accident I have had on my bike for a long time. I know from now on I will drive with caution.
If you are reading this then I hope you drive safely too.